You’ve heard of Palermo and other touristy towns in Sicily but Kylie and Patrick are travelling to a much lesser known region, where they start their day caught in the middle of a marching, singing, dancing and drum-beating local parade. Kylie drags Patrick away as they’re late for a date with a couple of shark-diving pirates who set sail and give them a crash course in spear fishing for their dinner. From the sea they then race up to explore the famous ancient Greek temples. Meanwhile a local family in the picturesque vineyards of Cristo di Campobello is waiting to show them the true experience of Sicilian hospitality with a feast that puts even Patrick’s appetite to the test, and more than a few bottles of their local wine. All this eating and adventuring means as per usual they’re far behind in their preparation for the dinner that evening with a young bunch of Kylie’s Sicilian friends. They divide and conquer with Patrick learning involtini di spatola at a local restaurant, while Kylie runs off to bake an olive oil, orange and almond cake in the middle of a Sicilian olive grove. There’s time for a quick stop in town to ask the locals what they prefer to eat in this region blessed with both the sea and countryside, before Patrick decides on a simple rustic beef ragout with pasta. The dinner guests gorge on Kylie and Patrick’s dishes, with some very candid critique, in return for the truth on what it means to be a young Sicilian today.


We were actually so far behind schedule we pulled an all-nighter, slept in the car and continued on our Sicilian road trip on to Modica.



Again, we were so flat out we collapsed without dinner during this episode.



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Agrigento Episode:

To be honest, this isn’t the most beautiful part of Italy I’ve ever seen but it is a great base from which to see other parts of Sicily and you certainly eat well! I remember we flew down to Sicily from Rome and had a long roadtrip from Catania to our destination and when we arrived in the ancient fruit orchard they had a big long table piled high with Sicilian breads, cheeses, preserves, olives, salami and wild honey. We were so hungry and so excited to start experiencing Sicilian hospitality that we dived on that table and ate lunch out in the sunshine amongst these trees that were centuries old.

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Agrigento Episode:

My Favourite moment in Agrigento has to be when our cameraman took a wrong turn down a one way street, much to the annoyance of the local police. Next thing you know we’re being chased through the streets and pulled over. Poor Domenico got a grilling by the side of the road, while Kylie and I just fell about laughing.  I managed to get the whole incident on camera though and you can see it in the bloopers!

Kylie’s Olive Oil Almond & Orange Cake Recipe

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