The Amalfi Coast is the spot where Kylie first decided to leave her life and run away to Italy so she’s particularly eager to impress Patrick with his first time to this idyllic stretch of coastline. She hooks up a helicopter to drop them at the magnificent Villa Cimbrone with its famous gardens and exclusive luxury hotel where Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo have stayed.

No sooner have they arrived, the chef is waiting for them with a degustation that is the ultimate in refined Italian cuisine. However, with the language barrier and Kylie translating, Patrick takes great pleasure in making some cheeky remarks that could almost have them thrown out of the villa. Then it’s off to Palazzo Avino where a Michelin-star chef has a competing menu planned.

After the glamour of Ravello, they race down to the quaint fishing village of Atrani where they canoe to a beach that makes the best lemon granite on the coast. With an afternoon of cooking ahead of them, Kylie leads him into a secret piazza where they throw back caffe shakerato, a local specialty that will have Patrick buzzing all night. She then ducks off to bake a decadent ricotta and pear cake in a historic pasticceria in Amalfi. While Patrick gets started on zucchini parmiggiana and a simple pasta with zucchini that all the locals recommend. As the sun sets over the water, they drink Prosecco with a group of Kylie’s friends before serving up their best attempt at the Amalfi Coast’s most loved dishes.



  Villa Cimbrone and Palazzo Avino



Villa Cimbrone and Palazzo Avino



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Amalfi Episode:

This episode was special to me because the Amalfi coast is where I spend almost every second weekend, with it being so close to Rome. At the very last minute, the morning of the shoot I convinced the owner of Villa Cimbrone to take us up in the helicopter to open the show for free, which was incredible. However, I think I have never laughed as hard as when we shot our degustation scene. Patrick had me in tears over his cheeky comments on camera, the entire wait staff of the restaurant was glaring at us for giggling and the crew were just rolling their eyes being used to our bad behaviour…

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Amalfi Episode:

The whole episode was a string of favourite moments, but nothing beats the feeling of throwing open the curtains in the morning to a view over the beautiful Amalfi coastline. The degustation at Villa Cimbrone was hilarious too – just before we shot it, the waiters served us some pre-lunch cocktails which really got things off to a flying start. We couldn’t stop laughing and the more the staff and crew frowned, the worse it got!


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