Off to buy fruit and vegetables in a stall that looks out over this view

So here I am completely exhausted but euphoric after nearly 9 hours hiking through the highest mountains of the Amalfi Coast today. I have to say, I have never felt this excited about a series before. Because I’m filming everything myself I’m getting these incredibly intimate moments on camera that you never get with a big film crew in tow. People here get shy in front of big groups of cameramen but in the past week with just me and my tripod and a more spontaneous approach I’ve found myself in certain situations that are so cinematic and so authentic that I ended up in tears of joy to my mother just relaying all that’s transpired via Skype (we’re a pretty emotional family).

I’ve spent a lot of time living on the Amalfi Coast but I am still awed by the kindness of strangers and the warmth of old friends (from the seamstress who sewed a dress for me one summer when I was desperate to impress a local boy to the family who rent the apartment I first stayed in that holiday five years ago that made me decide to run away and live in Italy.)

For the camera geeks who have been asking me, I’m shooting on a pocket Blackmagic cinema camera, a Canon 5D Mark III and a 60D with a zoom lens.

And for the Italians reading this… Per l’ennesima volta rimango stupita dalla gentilezza degli sconosciuti in Italia. Le famiglie che mi abbracciano come se fossi uno di loro. La coppia in macchina oggi che si sono fermati alla fermata dell’autobus dove stavo aspettando per chiedermi se volevo un passaggio. La bellissima coppia anziana nelle foto che mi hanno invitato dentro il loro orto di montagna oggi a mangiare il pane e l’olio fatto in casa. Il loro figlio educatissimo che mi ha trattata come una sorella. La signora che ho aiutato a portare le buste della spesa a casa che poi apre la porta e mi invita a pranzo. Se non lo sapete gia’ questa e’ una regione pieeeeeeeeena di gentilezza.

Here are some behind the scenes pics to give you a sneak peek at what the show will look like. Feel free to let me know what types of things you would like to see in the show in the comments below while your wishlist can actually influence what I go out and film.

Thanks for your support. I cannot wait to publish a trailer for this series. I think anyone who has an aching heart for Italy is going to LOVE it. 馃檪



Back to the place that inspired me to move to ItalyThe secret backstreets of beautiful AtraniHomegrown artichokes in olive oilA couple who invited me into their cottage in the mountains where they make their own olive oil and grow fruit and vegetablesThe sweetest gentleman who fed me his homegrown artichokes and homemade breadUn baciO!Eating homegrown produce in the private garden of Maurizio's familyFiori on CapriMy favourite village on the Amalfi Coast, AtraniThe ragazzi taking me out for aperitivo in a vintage macchina Walk of the GodsPositanoMimi e Coco - my favourite family run storeAtrani a little beach you can only reach by boat

Kylie and Maria


  1. Felicia Guarrasi

    Gorgeous pictures Kylie. We were in the amalfi Coast three years ago, we haven’t stop talking about. Our experience was incredible, it’s like falling in love again. The people and the scenery is so beautiful. You are a very lucky person to experience this and taking this adventure. To have a this passion and to actual do it is great. I wish you all the best. When will it air on TLN. Felicia

    • Kylie Flavell

      Thank you Felicia. I honestly haven’t met a single person from any country who doesn’t have either a dream of going to the Amalfi Coast or a cherished memory of having been here. 馃檪 I’ll let you know on our Facebook page ‘Kylie and Patrick’ and on this site when I know the dates it will air. I still have to edit the whole series so it will be a couple of months in post production but hopefully not too long!

  2. Catherine Da Costa

    I agree, the people are so kind. A shopkeeper took pity on me when I was trying to find something to pull my hair back after a particularly windy lunch on the patio of Le Sirenuse. It was a case of hair frightful, lunch divine. She handed me a hair band, patted my hand, and refused payment.

    BTW, I would love to learn more about unusual, local gelato flavours.

    Toronto, Canada

    • Kylie Flavell

      I’m glad you agree! And I’ve been there with the bad hair day too – I guess that’s the small price to pay for heavenly eating all’aperto on the Amalfi Coast. 馃槈 Consider your request granted. I’ll set out this weekend to film some of my favourite local gelato!

  3. Oh I can’t wait to see your finished product and follow along on your Amalfi Coast adventures!

    • Kylie Flavell

      Thanks Gillian! I’ve done so many shows on Italy but I’ve never been THIS excited about a program before. There is so much beauty and life here in these villages I only hope I can fit it all in!

  4. Vittoria

    Kylie, I absolutely looove these pictures! You have a wonderful eye for photography. I can’t wait to see the new series. I have been to the Amalfi coast many years ago and loved it. Where exactly were these taken? All over or in just one location. So beautiful. Congratulations and best of luck on the series. Vittoria

    • Kylie Flavell

      Thank you so much, Vittoria!! So far I’ve been in Positano, Vettica, Atrani, Amalfi, Castiglione, Minori, Capri, Praiano and in the mountains that stretch the entire coast. But still to come is Ravello, Conca and some other villages. It always seems crazy to me when people say they can manage to do the Amalfi Coast in just a few days before moving onto another part of Italy – there is so much to discover here. When I’ve finished filming I’ll put together a guide that I’ll publish on this site so that people can find my favourite places to stay and eat. 馃檪

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  6. O’Kylie, I so get it – your great love for this beautiful country. I also have this same aching feeling to go back. Just returned a week ago from my bella Italia. I am just completely besotted by it!!! The people, the air, the food, the oldness of it, all of it – it is like soaking up all the beauty in the world..when I am there! Cannot wait to return. I am so happy for you that you are living – the dream Kylie. God speed! xo

  7. Kartik Pingale

    Hi Kylie! I’m from India and your series When Patrick met Kylie is being aired again on Fox Life. We love it and personally I’m a big fan of yours. I’m excited about your new series. Can you tell when and where will your new series air (I mean the channel and timings) Please reply and I would be more than happy if you follow me on twitter and instagram on my account @kartikpingale. Please it’s the humblest of all requests as I’ll have at least one asset because such a great personality like you will follow me.

  8. Sudhir Kiran

    Hi Kylie!

    Since ‘When Patrick met Kylie’ times, I’ve been a HUGE fan of your series! I am a travel buff myself and love to travel. I’ve traveled to the UK, Spain, Mauritius, Germany and China. I love exploring, just like you do. It makes me happy watching your videos! I’m charged and inspired after watching them to travel more, talk to strangers & blend locally overall. You know what? I binge watched your ‘Hooked Up with Kylie’ series last evening. I simply loved it!

    I follow your channel on YouTube, your Instagram account and liked your page on Facebook 馃檪 I’m not sure if you are reading your comments these days, but I’d love to see your reply on mine.

    Take care, have loads of fun!

    • Kylie Flavell

      Wow! Thank you so much. I really am grateful to you for supporting me and watching all my work. Sometimes I wonder if I can manage to engage a viewer to the end of the episode so to hear that you’re watching Hooked Up episodes back to back is so encouraging! And it sounds as though you’re quite well travelled so I really value your opinion.Thank you Sudhir.

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