Here it is – our new TV series! A silent, black and white, comedy cooking show, unlike any other format on TV. Follow the affair of this passionate Italian couple of yesteryear through courtship, in-laws, jealousy, marital crisis and his insatiable appetite! Every episode she cooks him an irresistible Italian dish – is food really the secret to a happy marriage?

Watch the trailer and see for yourself…

Series 1: 20 x 3-min episodes shot in HD (black and white with vivid colour food scenes)

‘Amore Al Dente: Classic Italian Food Stories’

Created, written & edited by: Kylie Flavell
Filmed & produced by: Kylie Flavell and Patrick Drake
Airing 2016 TLN TV Canada

From Hong Kong to Chile to Canada and beyond, foodies and lovers are getting pretty excited about our new show. If you love food, Italy or just want to show us some AMORE, we’d love to see your version in your country.

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