Kylie and Patrick venture into the Castelli Romani, a little region just outside of Rome where for generations Roman noblemen and Popes have been coming to escape into the cool of the hills in summer. Sofia Loren has a house in these hills, as do other Italian film stars. They start with foraging for local produce like strawberries, the famous Genzano bread and pork but the pressure is on to create one of their most sophisticated dinners yet in the opulent Villa Grazioli, complete with a ballroom and ancient frescoed ceilings.

As ever, they’re racing against the clock but when a group of bambini playing soccer in the piazza offers to help them make the ravioli in the middle of the square in exchange for a game of soccer – how can they resist? Patrick discovers a mint and eggplant starter that he attempts to recreate with the help of Villa Grazioli’s head chef, while Kylie gets a lesson in custard-making to whip up the local favorite of strawberry tarts. Come sunset Kylie’s friends from the area are all dressed up and drinking Prosecco but the dinner is far from finished. Can they impress this elegant crowd and turn ravioli made by five-year-olds into a fine dining dish? Whatever the outcome may be, Kylie’s promised the chef a night of salsa dancing so it’s sure to be a long night…



Villa Grazioli



Pistelli Hostaria Moderna


Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Castelli Romani Episode:

This was our very first episode. We were ridiculously behind schedule and late for every scene (that didn’t seem to get any better as the series went on however). My favourite part was probably when I was carrying ravioli ingredients out into the piazza and I called out to the children playing soccer to ask if they knew how to make pasta. When you see the episode it seems as though we set that whole scene up but the truth was we couldn’t keep the bambini away! They were so excited about being on television and teaching US how to make pasta properly.

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Castelli Romani Episode:

Being our first episode I remember looking around after the dinner and thinking “I need to take more photographs and really remember this moment”, then I looked over and saw the camera crew and remembered they probably had that covered! It was surreal and fantastic all at the same time to see years of hard work coming to fruition and knowing that at last I was filming a cooking show and fulfilling my ambition.


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