Arriving in idyllic Taormina on a traditional boat, Kylie and Patrick have a day packed with fast cars, culture, chaotic fish markets and, as always, lots of taste-testing. No sooner are they ashore at the breathtaking Villa Sant’Andrea, Kylie leads Patrick back into the sea for a unique fine dining lunch with their table and their feet in the water, devouring seafood and Sicilian caponata. With weather so warm and a date with a local couple in nearby Catania, Kylie’s keen to get Patrick behind the wheel of a red Porsche convertible and they glide down the coast with the camera crew racing to keep up.

Then it’s time to get dirty in the raucous fish market and find out about this buzzing city while nibbling on a provocative local sweet of ‘nipples’ and rubbing an elephant’s testicles (!) for good luck in the piazza. Patrick learns caponata and agridolce tuna from a Catanian chef, before joining Kylie for sunset, Sicilian cocktails and a view over Mount Etna at the Grand Hotel Timeo. Kylie attempts to create her version of the traditional cassata and gets draped in Sicilian jewels for the evening. They dine with an eclectic group of guests, including designers, artists, aristocrats and filmmakers, in the ballroom of the most opulent villa in the whole of Catania – the famous Palazzo Biscari, which hosted the Queen Mother of England. But with guests as patriotic and opinionated as these, it’s going to be a challenge for Kylie and Patrick to serve up plates they won’t turn their noses up at.


  Hotel Timeo



Villa Sant’Andrea



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Catania/Taormina Episode:

It had to be jumping in that red Porsche, turning up the radio as loud as we could and speeding along the Sicilian coast with the GoPro camera strapped to my wrist and Patrick laughing as the camera crew tried to keep up in the van.

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Catania/Taormina Episode:

 Kylie hadn’t heard Gangnam Style before we went to Catania. I felt it was my duty to enlighten her. After blasting it out in the Porsche while we drove around the coast of Sicily we thought it might be fun to learn the moves and do our own version. After 2 hours of practice in Kylie’s suite she decided my two left feet were a lost cause so we knocked that idea on the head!


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  1. Hi guys ! Would you please let me know where I can find this episode’s caponata recipe?
    Grazzie Mille !
    Eduardo Caramello
    Aircraft captain and weekend stove captain -Sao Paulo/ Brasil

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