Private beach access Hotel Villa San Michele Amalfi Coast

This is one of those secret little places that I’m hesitant to share with the world. It’s run by a wonderful family, doesn’t cost the earth and has private access to the water off their cute little swimming platform. Their Facebook page says they’re in Ravello, which is technically true, but actually they’re right down on the water and closer to the fishing village of Atrani. You are a little bit out from Amalfi but in my opinion this is one of the advantages because you’re not in amongst the tourist chaos of the port of Amalfi. Wake up looking out over the sea, wander up a path lined with vibrant flowers and enjoy a simple breakfast before setting off for the day.

Or don’t set off at all. Whenever I’ve stayed in this B&B I can never tear myself away from the water. Very few places, even the five star luxury hotels, have private access to swim in the sea on the Amalfi Coast. Right outside the entrance you have a grocery store and a bus stop to visit nearby towns of Minori, Amalfi and Ravello, however, the actual villa is set below street level so it feels like a hidden tranquil oasis. They run a little restaurant where the food is honest Italian cuisine. In summer they open for lunch as well. The chef, a young local guy called Pasquale, cooks with such fresh ingredients (he actually has the most panoramic herb garden I’ve ever seen overlooking the sea right outside the kitchen) and really gives you a proper idea of local dishes. Some Michelin star restaurants on the Amalfi Coast try so hard to serve sophisticated dishes, other supposedly ‘authentic’ trattorias claim to have an Italian menu but it’s been so modified to suit the tourist palate that it no longer resembles what the locals really eat in this region. The charismatic owner Nicola is in there every night chatting to everyone and pouring glasses of icy Aperol spritz as you watch the sun go down.

The rooms are bright and cheery with blue and white tiles and shuttered windows. While they’re not five star luxury appointed suites, many have balconies, all have beautiful views and you really feel like you’re staying in a seaside family home. The villa is built into terraced gardens abundant with flowers lovingly cared for by ‘Zia’, the cheeky signora you may see wandering around chuckling and joking in dialect.

Tell them Kylie sent you and they should look after you. 🙂

Hotel Villa San Michele

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