DISCLAIMER: This video was made way back when I first taught myself to film and edit so please excuse how amateur it is! 😉

This sandwich blew me away. As you’re standing in line in this hole-in-the-wall heaven in Toronto, surrounded by locals clutching their porchetta panini, you can actually hear the CRUNCH CRUNCH of golden salty pork crackling and the deep satisfied groans induced by truffle oil mayonnaise and fresh rapini braised in chilli and garlic infused oil.

In Rome I’m right next door to the Castelli Romani where porchetta is traditional (I actually included it in the Castelli episode of When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love of Food Story) but I have to say that Porchetta and Co in Toronto has surpassed any pork I’ve ever eaten. I was fortunate to be in the company of Italo-Canadians this entire week so it’s no surprise I ended up eating so well!

Just watch the video and you’ll see why I’m obsessed…

Xxx Kylie

P.S. Oh and here’s a Vine that the lovely Laura, head of TLN TV’s social media, captured.




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  1. Beautiful photos. Made me hungry

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