Patrick’s used to Kylie packing a lot into 24 hours but this time they’re really pushing things to the limit in Le Marche, which is touted as being ‘Tuscany without the tourists’. The intrepid duo begin hiking in snow-capped mountains, accompanied by a flock of sheep, mountain cows and a local guide who left finance to live in the wild, creating an instant bond with Kylie and Patrick who are all about following your passion no matter how risky and unconventional it may seem.

Without food Patrick is fading fast so Kylie rushes him down into the heart of Jesi, a cultured town full of charming squares and home to a number of tempting bakeries. Here they sample traditional sweets and chat to the locals to decide what will impress the Baldeschi family, Kylie’s friends for whom they’re cooking dinner. They squeeze in a lesson from a local expert on Jesi’s most famed sport: fencing. The two are equipped with suits, helmets and swords and fight it out in the gardens of one of the most historic villas in the region.

After visiting vineyards and grabbing some local cioccolato di Bruco, it’s time to cook. Under a local signora’s watchful eye, Patrick whips up a scrumptious rabbit, wild fennel and olive stew while Kylie puts the town’s chocolate into soft-centered choc puddings. From hiking boots to aprons to a suit and ball gown, the night is not over as the two rush off to a private performance at the famous Pergolesi opera house.



  Vigna Sant’Amico Country House



 Cioccolato di Bruco



 Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Le Marche Episode:

I’ve always had a (not so secret) obsession with The Sound of Music, so when we arrived in the mountains of Le Marche I knew this was my chance. Before the camera crew could protest I grabbed Patrick by the hand and we ran off to one of the plateaus (we may have rolled part of the way!) and I had my spinning around “the hills are alive” moment. Lucky for us the crew had a zoom lens, as they weren’t as keen on running around as we were!

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Le Marche Episode:

Le Marche was mind-blowing! We started off running through the mountains and ended with a private performance in the beautiful Pergolesi Opera House. We even threw in a bit of dancing in the town square for good measure. The highlight for me though was the fencing. The town of Jesi has produced all sorts of Olympic medal winning fencers over the years and we spent the afternoon training with a local pro. I wasn’t exactly a Jedi Knight by the end of it but I still managed to run Kylie through!

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