What wouldn’t I do for a fairytale ending
A wave that won’t crash
A promise unbending
But waves that begin
Must one day reach a shore
And you tell me you’re ready
And you say you want more
But the trouble, my love
Is this heart has been bruised
I’ve got stars in my eyes
I’ve got centuries to lose
‘Cos you make me these moments
You give me it all
If I find it’s not real
It’s a long way to fall
I’ll come with you baby
Mi lascio andare
Un amore sospeso
Che tu puoi salvare
This love that’s suspended
We will not come down
And the others will tell us
Your time has run out
But what if we’re different
They tell us we’re not
Please say that you’ll hold me
I’m betting the lot
I want you like water
I’m wading straight in
The ball’s in your court
And I think we can win

Words, filming and editing by me. If you want to try filming alone I’ve written a post about how I work and what equipment I use here.
Shot on my GH4 with a Canon 100mm lens and the DJI Phantom 4: http://store.dji.com/product/phantom-4

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