Get ready for fashion, food and fantasy. Stepping of a private luxury train carriage, the dressed-up duo are ready to hit the most elegant city in Italy and find the best designer food available. Kylie has gone all out this time with a suite at the impossibly chic Bulgari Hotel and coffee with the editor of men’s Vogue Italy. Will he find Patrick’s British attire up to scratch? And is it true that the fashion world doesn’t eat? They’re spoiled for lunch with local delicacies prepared by Bulgari’s chef.Then Patrick heads into the kitchen to learn the classic risotto Milanese.

Next stop 10 CorsoComo, a fusion concept store created by the sister of the editor of Italian Vogue. Here both Kylie and Patrick live out a real Pretty Woman shopping moment, choosing from the world’s most coveted designers for something to don for their party tonight at Just Cavalli’s restaurant and club. Kylie goes glamorous even with the dessert, preparing a twist on the traditional brutti ma buoni. And they even have time to check out Peck, a shopping experience that is a gourmet foodie’s heaven.

But Patrick is in for a surprise when Kylie reveals just how they’re going to be getting around town that evening… their vehicle is delivered to the hotel but they can hear it coming from miles away. The question is, will Patrick’s love of speed and Kylie’s optimistic faith in his driving skills have the pair in a situation that has the producer more than worried about their safety…




Bulgari Hotel



 Just Cavalli and Bulgari Restaurant



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Milan Episode:

It was our final episode and possibly one of the most thrilling. I remember eating chocolate and throwing back espresso in the Bulgari suite with Patrick and wondering when the motorbike was arriving for our scene. Then suddenly we heard the deepest roar of a beautiful TpR Italian Factory bike from a block away as guests and staff of the hotel rushed outside to see what or who had arrived.

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Milan Episode:

Where do I even start? Was it the unbelievable suite we stayed at in The Bulgari Hotel? The risotto taught to me by their awesomehead chef? Or maybe the custom built motorbike they let me loose on for the closing of the episode. Yep, I think it was the motorbike (and the noise Kylie made when it accelerated!).


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