Any fan of The Godfather will not want to miss this adventure as Kylie takes Patrick deep into the heart of Sicily in a vintage Fiat 500. Aside from its centro storico seemingly untouched by modernity, this charming town is famous for its ancient recipe for chocolate, which has a texture unlike any other in the world.

After living out their Willa Wonka fantasies and making chocolate from scratch, there’s just enough time to gorge on the local dessert of cannoli, before racing off to a rustic villa for lunch with Kylie’s friend Sara. Patrick gets a lesson in how to be a Sicilian gentleman over a hearty Sicilian soup, while Kylie gets the truth on whether the men are really as jealous in these parts as rumor has it.

In Sicily, it’s all about who you know and who owes you a favor – and when Patrick voices his desire to climb up into the bell tower of the biggest church in Modica, Kylie is desperate to find a friend of the priest with the power to literally give them the keys to the city.

Local chef Michele teaches Patrick a mouthwatering recipe for lamb ragout with cavatelli and they talk politics, pasta and patriotism. While Kylie prepares a chocolate tart in the courtyard of Palazzo Il Cavaliere. This time they’re cooking not just for adults, but also Italian children who are inclined to give the truth on Kylie and Patrick’s cooking without sugar-coating.


Palazzo Il Cavaliere



 Pizzeria La Contea



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Modica Episode:

We all had dinner with some of the locals and this one guy who seemed to have mafia, church and political connections told all these tales of conspiracy and controversy. After clumsily translating this diatribe for Patrick we decided to leave the crew and walk home in the dark, however, I was so filled with morbid mafia stories and the architecture was so transporting in the shadows that I basically ran, looking furtively over my shoulder the whole way. Of course it didn’t help that Patrick kept jumping out from behind Baroque churches to frighten me even more…

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Modica Episode:

I remember walking through the town when we arrived, seeing a huge church in the centre and saying to Kylie “Imagine if we could get up into the bell tower”. We’d pulled off so many crazy stunts by this point that a small part of me knew we could do it if we put the thought out there. That afternoon I was cooking the episode dinner with flamboyant (and highly connected) local chef Michele and asked him about the church. He gave me a knowing wink and three hours later I had the keys in my hand. Thoughts become things!

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