Kylie and Patrick are ready to go rustic in this charming little hilltop town in the north of Lazio, close to the Umbrian border. Patrick hates early mornings but this time they’re obliged as the local fishermen are waiting for them at the lake in spite of rain, wind and the pair’s complete lack of fishing skill.

All before breakfast they squeeze in a stop to put Patrick’s fish filleting skills to the test against the local boys, with amusing results. Then they’re picking zucchini flowers in the fields, where finally they beg their crew to stop for local bread, cheese, jam and coffee alfresco style. After a quick look in town to speak with the locals, they’re off to lunch by the lake for taste-testing.

Patrick learns the recipe for corragone alla farfalle in the restaurant, while Kylie learns how to make sweet dried ricotta ravioli with a local woman. The dinner that night will be homey and wholesome, with guests including fishermen, local cooks and winemakers. In a town virtually untouched by tourism, the people are dubious about the ability of two foreigners to cook traditional dishes, but they start the evening off with mozzarella-stuffed fried zucchini flowers and hope for the best…



Convento di Montefiascone


 Trattoria di Morano


Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Montefiascone Episode:

We were staying in an old convent that was decorated with paintings of these monks each holding a menacing weapon – from an axe to a chain to a butcher’s knife. It was such a creepy place we were thinking of filming the whole episode in a horror theme. Patrick and I were laughing so loud in the hallway one night one of the nuns came bounding up the stairs to reprimand us so we ran and hid in Patrick’s shower until she gave up the search. 🙂

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Montefiascone Episode:

Kylie got to this one before me! Staying in that spooky convent meant I felt a duty to jump out at her from behind doors at every possible opportunity. Let me tell you, when Kylie screams, people hear. The setting was scary enough – I swear the eyes in those dusty oil paintings watched us as we walked past. But nothing was as terrifying as the booming voice of mother superior coming up the stairs telling Kylie and I to keep the racket down!


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