Kylie wants to show Patrick the real Naples only the locals know. They get lost in dangerous backstreets, Patrick attempts to ride an antique Vespa through the chaos of the local drivers, they stuff themselves with streetfood like baba’ and sfogliatelle, make authentic pizza and throw back more espresso than Patrick has ever downed in his life. Kylie insists on him being highly caffeinated though as they have a jam-packed day before lunch 50s dolce vita style on the beach.

They run from a meeting with a powerful newspaper editor to learning pizza techniques in the historic heart of Naples, to a date with a suave local friend out on a traditional wooden boat fishing. While Patrick gets in amongst the fanatical soccer fans to learn just how superstitious a Neapolitan can be, Kylie sneaks down an alleyway to the hidden laboratory of arguably the most famous pasticceria in the city to learn the recipe for a traditional dessert of orange scented pastiera.

Then they’re off down to the beach but Patrick will have to hijack the kitchen of the restaurant and convince the local chef he can do spaghetti alle vongole proud. After swimming, cooking, eating and gossiping with Kylie’s Neapolitan friends, Patrick is in for another of Kylie’s schemes as she convinces him to gatecrash a local wedding on the rooftop of their hotel. So he orders yet another espresso and they’re off to see if they can fool the bridal party into thinking they’re long lost relatives.




Hotel San Francesco al Monte



 Bagno Elena



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Naples Episode:

Not everyone loves Naples. A lot of tourists go there thinking they’ll find it easy to explore but I highly recommend you go with a local. We’d just come from Matera – a long night trip in the van with all the crew trying to rest and Patrick and I singing 80s power ballads all the way. So many great memories here but look out for the coffee scene just before the wedding where we were completely delirious from lack of sleep and unhealthy amounts of espresso and Patrick kept making me laugh so hard we could barely get the take. You’ll see me turn away from the camera so I don’t lose it completely.


Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Naples Episode:

I don’t know – was it the moment we were walking down the street and the editor of L’Espresso said “we need to leave now, there are too many mafia around here”. Or was it when I span the pizza and it ended up hanging off the light bulb?! Naples is full of energy, noise and interesting characters, but al fresco lunch by the beach and an impromptu siesta afterwards was exactly what I needed after another crazy shooting schedule. That power nap and the highest number of espressos I’ve ever had in a day was the perfect build up to our wedding crasher debut!

 Photos Copyright Profile Media 2013

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