Kylie is desperate to show Patrick an Italian beach destination that very few tourists know of. They board a ferry and head to the charming island of Ponza: white sandy beaches, turquoise water and gelati-coloured villages. The first stop at the port to buy fresh seafood turns into an invitation on a boat around the island when a 90-year-old playboy flirts with Kylie and promises to show them the caves where Tiberius would throw his prisoners to be eaten alive.

But before that, Kylie has a vintage mode of transport she’s hoping Patrick will be able to drive. After swimming and fruit-picking, when local restaurant-owners Igino and his wife Pompea make the guys promise to try their secret concoction of marine fennel liqueur, not wanting to offend, they’re forced into near-inebriation.

Tipsy and laden with local produce they head off to one of the most spectacular villas with 360-degree views and Patrick prepares stuffed calamari with pasta under such scrutiny from the locals that the pressure makes even Patrick nervous. Meanwhile Kylie sneaks down into a restaurant built into the side of a cave on the sand, where she bakes a flourless chocolate Caprese cake. Guests arrive for the most breathtaking aperitif on sunset followed by a raucous dinner with fishermen, winemakers and Kylie’s friends. But there’s no rest for Patrick and Kylie as the island also has plenty of nightlife in store and as always Kylie begs Patrick to stay out just a little bit longer…




  Il Gabbiano



Da Igino



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Ponza Episode:

My parents were in this episode! They’d been living on the island for about 6 weeks and had become complete locals. Waking up to yoga, swimming off the rocks and then going to pick mulberries, plums and apricots from the orchard near our villa for breakfast was an incredible way to start a long day of shooting. Ponza is so special to me because it’s where I’ve been going with Roman friends every weekend in the spring ever since I moved to Rome. Thursday night the message will arrive “Andiamo a Ponza? Ti va?” and then everyone organizes who’s going on which yacht and who’s staying in which villa and you get ready to see half of Rome over there for parties on the beach.


Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Ponza Episode:

Coming over from chilly London to start filming the trip to Ponza was my first real taste of beautiful sunshine and island time living. Having Kylie’s parents there was a highlight for me too because it meant I got to hear numerous embarrassing childhood stories and join in with mock disapproval of the Italian boys she’d been dating. Poor Kylie! 😉

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  1. hi, loved the episode (watch every one), wondering about the caprese cake recipe please, ciao from canada, grazie, joe

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