Rome is Kylie’s home city and she is excited about showing Patrick a side of the great capital no tourist would ever discover. As Hollywood divas like Elizabeth Taylor have done in the past, they head to the glamorous Via dei Condotti where Bulgari have opened the store up exclusively for Kylie and Patrick.

They run off to lunch at their favorite trattoria hidden in a tiny side street. Here they gorge on the best pasta in the city and beg the waiter to let them hang out in the kitchen to learn the secrets to Roman cuisine. Then it’s time to borrow a Vespa and ride illegally without helmets or a registered vehicle through the piazzas without attracting the polizia. And before sunset there’s just enough time for Kylie to steal a rooftop and make a tiramisu’ with a twist.

As always, Patrick is under high pressure to get the local dish spot on for the ever-critical group of Italian friends Kylie has invited to dinner. She takes Patrick to meet the adorable Amorico family who organize Roman holidays for celebrities like Oprah, Sharon Stone and other VIPs. Here Patrick cooks carbonara, desperately trying to avoid the long list of errors Italians accuse foreigners of committing when they normally attempt this dish. After some good gossip around the dinner table about how to know whether a Roman is really in love with you, they hit Rome’s nightlife like you’ve never seen it. Burlesque, drag queens, dancing and cocktails – Patrick has no idea what he’s in for.




Hotel de Russie

We actually stayed at Kylie’s apartment in Rome, however, her favourite hotel in the city is this luxurious hideaway with an enchanting courtyard.



 Da Gino



Kylie’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Rome Episode:

This is my home city so I felt under pressure when coming up with the scenes for this episode. I think dinner with the Amorico family, who are good friends of mine, was the most special. It was one of those scenes where nobody was camera shy, everybody was natural and when the cameras stopped rolling we all just kept laughing, gossiping and eating. Of course watching Roman drag queens comes in at a close second.

Patrick’s Favourite Moment Shooting the Rome Episode:

Rome was a special episode because it’s where the whole adventure began. When Kylie first emailed out of the blue and asked if I wanted to do the show I flew to Rome 3 days later and we ate at Da Gino. It’s now my favourite Italian restaurant – partly because of nostalgia, but mostly because of their signature dish ‘tonnarelli alla cioccara’.

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