Join Kylie and Patrick on an adventure to find out how Italians really live and really eat. From big cities to rustic villages, dancing in discotecas to flirting with the locals, these two will do anything to understand the heart of Italian people and their food. Their challenge in each episode is to prepare a homemade meal for the locals using what they’ve learned, tasted and stolen — all in a day!

Kylie’s passion for Italy and cooking made her abandon a high-paid position as a food, business and lifestyle journalist in Australia and move to Rome. Her love for food led her to Patrick, who she contacted in London after trying a recipe on his blog. Patrick, having already given up his law career for one in food, agreed to put his trust in a complete stranger as his guide through the depths of Italy. And so the cultural adventure began… When Patrick Met Kylie.

This 13 part series takes us to the spectacular ‘sassi’, or ancient stones of southern Basilicata town of Matera where Kylie and Patrick learn how to make the local lamb stew and go hunting for truffles. They delve into Rome’s nightlife and learn the secrets behind one of the most popular local pastas, the carbonara. In the Marches town of Jesi they go to the opera, get a fencing lesson and cook a traditional rabbit dish. On the beautiful Island of Ponza Kylie and Patrick bask in the sun while touring aboard Francesco’s boat and get a sip of Igino’s local fennel liquer. They explore the temples and ancient orchards in Agrigento and milk buffalo for mozzarella in Montefiascone. They mingle with fashion and food conscious Milanese and make chocolate in Modica. They go horseriding in Tuscany, and cook dinner for their guests in the Castelli Romani at one of the most opulent Renaissance villas Italy has to offer. They helicopter onto the hilltop town of Ravello, crash a wedding in Naples and explore Catania’s crazy fish market.

This whirlwind tour is just the start for the insatiable and unstoppable duo — there’s more adventure in the next Italian series and who knows where their appetites will take them after that.

* ‘When Patrick Met Kylie’ is on air in Italy on Sky Nat Geo Adventure from 4 May 2013 as ‘Italia Dolce Vita’. It will air in 68 other countries around the world in 2013 – see here for details.

Video Copyright Profile Media 2013.


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  2. Bravo the trailer looks amazing and so inviting! So excited to see the show x

  3. Kylie Flavell

    Thanks Karla! Your blog is such an inspiration. We need some cute animated gifs. 😉

  4. I just watched your show on Sky and absolutely loved it! It is innovative and refreshing to see a food/travel show combined with beautiful food, amazing location and enthusiastic presentation. I thought I would drop a note to say, THANK YOU:)and very well done. I have your series programed to record and look forward to the next episodes.


    • kylieandpatrick

      Hey Nicole! Thanks so much we’re so happy you liked the show ….lots more to come, including drag queens in Rome and runaway horses in Tuscany…. and a few of our favourite recipes along the way!

      Have a great day!

      Patrick and Kylie

  5. Hi Kylie and Patrick, thanks to my husband who continuously zaps through the channels that we came across your series last Saturday. We live in Rome and are thoroughly enjoying seeing the beauties of Italy as presented with your enthusiasm, joy of living and love for genuine food. Our compliments to your well-planned itineraries and splendid locations – siete BRAVISSIMI.
    Con affetto, Rine & Enzo

    • Kylie Flavell

      Thank you so much Rine! You can’t imagine how much your comment means to me because few people realise how much work I had to put in to organize all those scenes and locations. It’s incredibly rewarding to read such kind feedback. Grazie!! Kylie

  6. This is what life’s all about – food and love! I love the idea and the story! I Can’t wait to dive into these episodes 🙂

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