Filmed by me on the DJI Phantom 4

What if we went away, away
Away from them all
Forever at my feet you fall
And we had time to talk
And not talk
You drive
And I fly
And he smiles
And she tires
Of anyone who isn’t you
While others sleep
We chase the light
And the light
It renders us so strong
You knew this all along
But only for the time
It takes to sigh
And I forget
You made me cry
And you tell me
That we can make this last
And I believe
That you believe
It’s true.

Up here it cannot be an act
A line
A swift reply pretending that I’m fine
Up here you know
That all you ever said
Was all that filled my head
For months
I wasn’t waiting
Not for you
But who
Could walk with me like this
You kiss
Her everywhere
And she is giving in
You win
You had her and you’ll have her yet again.

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