It’s a classic Roman dish and perfect to warm you up if you’re in Rome in the winter. It should be kept simple, salty and cream-free – relying on eggs and rich Pecorino or Parmigiano cheese to give it that creamy richness.

Here are some of my top restaurants in Rome to gorge on a hearty plate of steaming Carbonara laden with guanciale or pancetta and perhaps some homemade tonnarelli pasta. For all these spots you’ll need to book a table rather than doing a walk-in as they’re quite popular, especially on a cold rainy night when every Roman is craving Carbonara.

Zii Umberto, Piazza della Malva (Trastevere)

You can sit outside or in and the piazza is always buzzing. The waiters love to joke around and it attracts a cool young crowd.

Da Gino, Vicolo Rosini 4 (Campo Marzio)

Much more romantic, a little kitsch, they do a great classic or even a version with peas and mushrooms that is their signature dish.

La Carbonara, Via Panisperna, 214 (Monti)

Monti is a very fashionable area and this place is always full with a mixed crowd of locals and tourists. It’s certainly cozy but better perhaps for a group of friends rather than a one-on-one date.


To learn how to make Carbonara at home, why not check out this recipe on Romeing magazine’s site.

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