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Who am I? Bella domanda, good question. I suppose I'm someone who cares. Someone who believes in kindness and beauty and the power of believing in yourself and your dreams. And the best way for me to share this with the world was by becoming firstly, a writer and magazine editor, and later, a filmmaker, TV presenter, YouTuber and passionate storyteller in all forms. On the way, I have done a range of other jobs, from a dishwasher in a tiny cramped kitchen of a restaurant to an assistant and translator in a couture atelier in Rome. I have lived lavishly and experienced magnificent scenes that one might think only happen in films... and I have been a broke struggling artist, living in an apartment in Rome with no windows and no electricity - which turned out to be equally cinematic. I have made TV shows as the creator, host and one-woman production company that have aired all over the world, including shows on National Geographic Channel and Discovery in 70 countries. I've also won awards for work with brands, such as my web series Hooked Up, commissioned by Airbnb, which had me filming alone in a different country every episode, and reached over 10 million views. I have spoken about my unique approach to filmmaking at the Cannes film festival and other international events, how I taught myself every aspect of production in order to bring audiences the quality of cinema and television, with the intimacy and authenticity of YouTube.


After graduating high school at 17, I won a language scholarship to continue my studies in Japanese and went to live alone for the first time in Kobe, Japan. Later I lived in Barcelona studying Spanish, then in Florence, London, Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Monte Carlo, Byron Bay, many years in Rome and a little time in the south of France and even in a hamlet in the vineyards of Germany. Right now, however, I am writing this from my frescoed apartment in Florence, Italy, where I shall be based to launch some exciting projects over the next year, including a collection of handmade dresses and a cookbook/travel memoir.

If you have any questions about following your dream or working with me in some capacity, please send personal emails here  and business inquiries here. Unfortunately, my life isn't stable enough to be able to take on interns right now. You can support my work via Patreon - For those asking about whether it is possible to make a one-off donation, yes, that is possible. You simply enter whatever amount you want in as a monthly pledge and then cancel or edit the amount after one month. Patreon doesn't lock you into anything so you may stop it at any time.

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