Welcome to Bottega Flavell!

Bottega in Italian means ‘artisan’s workshop’ and this is the little space where I will be crafting beautiful handmade products to bring la dolce vita into your world. I know what it is like to be dreaming of Italy from afar and I remember before I moved here, I was always so excited to find a beautiful Italian vintage dress or a leather bag or an object made slowly in the traditional fashion with care and quality, which could transport me to Italy every time I touched it.

I’m currently designing my first collection of clothing, produced with a small team of pattern cutters, tailors and dressmakers here in Florence, Italy. To begin with, we will produce only to order so I can grow slowly but the plan is to open a workshop where I can hire these incredible artisans whose intricate work and expertise is disappearing in an industry focused on fast fashion. I can’t wait to share the first preview of the women’s line... it will be a limited run of unique Italian fabric I have sourced in Tuscany, so please leave your details below if you would like me to let you know when it is available otherwise you may miss out.

Follow me and/or Bottega Flavell on Instagram to see behind the scenes as I work with a small but passionate team of Italians who have worked for Dior, Prada and bridal couture. We are busy right now sewing a collection that will make women feel beautiful, feminine, empowered... like the heroine of a classic vintage film.


If you would like me to let you know when my handmade Italian clothing collection is ready (there will only be a limited number of items available to begin with) please leave your email address here and you’ll be first to know!