Kylie has won international awards for her work with brands and agencies, creating original strategic storytelling, which integrates a product or objective into meaningful compelling video and social media solutions. Whether you're interested in sponsoring work you have already seen on her channel or creating custom projects that will live on your brand's touchpoints, we can design a solution that delivers cinematic emotion-led content. Kylie is accustomed to working with multiple offices/agencies for global brands such as Airbnb, Shell and HP, which require a more sophisticated group approval process.

Filmmaking and Editing

As a photographer, drone pilot, video operator, producer, host and editor, you have the efficiency of a filmmaker who understands every element of production from sound to colour grading. Her experience as creator and producer of her TV shows for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel, ensure your production is organised with precision and attention to detail - particularly in Italy, where she is fluent in Italian and has filmed in every region. Kylie is also available to collaborate with an existing crew or fly internationally for shoots outside of Italy.

Brand Ambassador

Kylie's vast experience as a world citizen, having lived as an expat for decades, her life as a seasoned travel presenter and writer, her authenticity as a self-taught linguist, filmmaker and editor, combined with her authority on all things Italian, make her a unique ambassador for brands that encapsulate attention to detail, a love of slow living and an innate reverence for beauty and knowledge. If you believe your brand is aligned with these values, let us work with you to create an organic partnership that delivers your objective with eloquence and genuine emotion.


This is an international community of people who value humanity, beauty and attention to detail. With emotion-led travel content that always includes in-depth interviews with locals about society, love, happiness and kindness, Kylie's audience is well-travelled, highly educated and seeking conversations of cultural depth from a positive perspective. Watch times indicate that they are highly responsive to short and long form content. Her viewers on YouTube are an equal split between male and female, with a slight variation of 10% depending on the topic. Her subscriber audience ranges from 13-64 years of age, with the strongest demographic being 18-34. Both genders and all ages show consistently high engagement with her poetry and cinematic cooking content - this is an audience that appreciates high quality production, aspirational lifestyle subjects, intellectual depth and attention to detail, with particular appreciation for all things that celebrate the Italian dolce vita philosophy of living. Her audience is truly international, largely due to her TV shows on NatGeo and Discovery airing across Europe, Asia, Australia and North and South America, as well as her diverse travel web content, for which she has filmed in over 25 countries. Despite being Australian, her highest viewing territory is the United States, irrespective of subject matter. As a solo filmmaker who has lived alone in multiple foreign speaking countries and taught herself filming, editing, languages and succeeded in making TV shows alone, Kylie is an individual who inspires people of all backgrounds to pursue their dream and believe in the good in the world. This is a community with high sensitivity to humanitarian issues, beauty in art, joy in small moments and kindness in strangers.