This is a little documentary about the heartwarming experience I had in Trentino, Italy, volunteering in a castle that is over a thousand years old. My friends Sophie, Thea and Ollie run Campo Base, which hosts events for children and adults dealing with serious illnesses. I was invited to volunteer and speak at one of their camps, Camp Ray of Hope, which is an organisation that helps children with haemophilia, cancer and other illnesses in Romania. It is a project of S.T.A.R Children Relief Speaking with the kids, doctors, the founders of the nonprofit organisation and teenagers whose lives have been changed by the incredible empowerment they’ve found at these camps every year, I felt such deep connections and gratitude that people like this exist.

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  1. T. Bertagnolli

    What a beautiful treat to be able to live vicariously thru your journeys and experiences. Thank you for your dreamy and enlightening gems of cinema. My husband has distant relatives in Trentino and we would love to one day indulge in the region’s serenity and decadent delicacies. Our last name is Bertagnolli. There is a distillery in Trentino that shares the name. Are you familiar with the distillery or Trentino’s Bertagnolli family?

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