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HOOKED UP trailer

My new travel series has me hooking up adventures in a different country every month and discovering the stories of some inspiring people. Once again, I’m filming, producing and editing this series alone, which allows me the freedom to document real life, take the time to really understand real people and give you greater access to this beautiful diverse world we live in.

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    I get so many emails from people of all ages, from cities as diverse as Mumbai, Texas, Rome, Oslo and Singapore, asking for advice on how to make

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  • Best of Barcelona

    I lived for a short while in Barcelona and, if you've seen the first three episodes of my series Hooked Up, you'll know how much I love this city.

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  • Solo Filmmaking on a Budget

    I'm still learning everyday - but for anyone looking for an honest unpaid account of the gear I love as a self-taught amateur on a shoestring budget,

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