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Kylie Flavell is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, TV host for NatGeo and Discovery, poet, journalist and cook, passionate about making cinematic content that spreads joy, beauty and renewed faith in humanity. She is Australian but from the age of 17, she has embraced living as an expat in Kobe, Positano, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, London, Rome and is currently based in Florence, Italy.

Filmmaking Services and Sponsorship

Filmmaking & Storytelling Services

Kylie has extensive experience working with both global brands and smaller niche businesses who value high quality storytelling. Her background in marketing gives her deep understanding of strategic audience engagement and her experience working as a solo shooter/editor/presenter with TV networks is a testament to her high production capabilities. Whether you are interested in content filmed in Italy or abroad, sponsoring her weekly YouTube films or engaging in a full service brand integration strategy to create custom work, we would be happy to discuss how Kylie can tell your story.