Thank you so much. I’m really flattered and it still feels surreal to think that total strangers are connected to my work so emotionally and would like to just grab coffee and chat to me! The difficulty I have is that running this whole business alone is more than a full-time job – it keeps me awake most nights until 3am! And when I do have free time, I need to go and apologise to close friends and family and dedicate some quality time with them – even if just on the phone. You might be thinking, but Kylie, I see you singing away and wandering the markets talking to us on your Insta stories all the time – you don’t look that busy. Yes, I know. But you don’t see the hours and hours every day that I’m in front of my computer or rushing around like a mad woman filming or organising upcoming shoots. AND… there is another reason. I’m a little shy about meeting strangers. Sometimes I think I will disappoint you in person. Other times I have to worry, as a female, about giving the wrong impression to male followers. So all of this to say, I am really honoured that you want to meet me but I don’t do this very often. I hope you understand.

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